Roxanne Steed


Artist, painter of well loved places, traveler, loves a good story, gardener, coastal wanderer in places salty & sandy, Irish trad fiddle player, nature lover. The works of the American Impressionists have had a great influence on my work, particularly those of New England and California. Figurative works by William Merritt Chase and Childe Hassam as well as landscapes by William Wendt and Granville Redmond have fueled my imagination. Formal study at Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts in Old Lyme, CT;. The Art League School in Alexandria, VA; and Watts Atelier in Encinitas, CA gave me a classical foundation. Further study with colorists Leif Nilsson, and Camille Przewodek, both students of renowned teacher Henry Hensche, have enabled me to pursue this ever-intriguing fascination of the effect of light. As a visual artist/plein air painter, I tell a story in paint. I record my surroundings and the 'energy of the day', taking a multi-sensory experience and placing it on a two-dimensional space. Each painting transfers that energy - that sense of place - to the viewer as an individual...and indeed, brings that energy and sense of place to the new environment where it is displayed. Evoking an emotional response to a 'sense of place' is a great thrill for me, that connection with my viewer is priceless. What's YOUR story? I'd love to tell it! What is to love about a painting? ........One that is compositionally strong - that draws the viewer in from across the room....rewarding them with a new interest up close..... and the imagining of themselves in that place. It's an exciting - heart -fluttering affair....and a grounded relationship with a sense of beauty and calm. A painting that resonates with the viewer is one that nourishes their soul.. Read more at:

Barbara Mastaglio


Barbara Lively Mastaglio resides most of the year in Norfolk, Virginia in historic ghent. She also enjoys summers living by the cliffs of Ireland on majestic valentia island. Barbara and her husband, tom, have spent recent years traveling to Ireland to oversee the restoration of their 18th century stone cottage, where space was afforded for an artist's gallery and teaching studio. Read more at:

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Catherine M Elliott


Catherine M. Elliott is a contemporary artist whose work is evocative of the American Impressionism style of painting. "My paintings are primarily of atmospheric and light conditions portraying the subjects quality. I try to capture the true grace and elegance of the remaining countryside of New England. - Read more at: